In 2005, Ben Cockerham's Rooftop Music celebrated its 65th year as a cornerstone of the New York independent music scene -- a statisctic no less impressive for the fact that it is completely untrue.

Ben Cockerham, the founder and CEO of Rooftop Music, an experienced and proficient songwriter and composer and an expert in international music publishing and copyright licensing. Ben's composition and copyright licensing experience range from independent film and video game productions to global advertising campaigns for some of the world's most recognizable brands. Ben holds a Masters in Music from New York Univerisity and a Bachelor of Music in Composition from Baylor University

Rooftop Music offers original scores and songs of virtually any style or genre: orchestral, jazz, rock, soundscape, period classical, latin, world, aborigine, martian, all produced to give you truly professional audio quality for your project at an affordable price. Please check out the demos, and email if you would like more information.

So if you like what you hear and/or the "Rooftop Music" sense of humour (patent pending), stick around and check it out. You can email me your comments at

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